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I live in Mo and have a pdl that I haven't paid since 2010, it's been sold and the collection agency is hasseling me. I had it removed from my credit report once, a few years ago. When I contacted the cra this time informing them who the original creditor was and how old the debt is, they would not remove it this time. How should I proceed?

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Ask the collection agency to validate your debt first. If they validate, then you have to repay the debt. In that case, you can negotiate with the collection agency for a settlement.

CashnetUSA is legal in Missouri, I defaulted on the debt in 2010. So I should contact the collection agency?

Well, the CRA should remove the listing from your credit report because it has crossed 7 years and 180 days already. But then again, the debt has been sold to a collection agency. They have made a fresh listing on your credit report. This is why it is showing on your credit report.

Who was the original creditor? Is he licensed in your state?

Ask the collection agency to validate the debt first in writing. If they can't validate the debt, then you have a choice to dispute the account status with the CA.

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