Is EPA Group legitimate?

EPA Group called my mom\'s in law\'s house and told her that they are looking for me because they are going to serve papers for me. I talked to this person named Andres and he said that I have to make $625 down payment right away so that they will stop suing me. Is this even legit in Oregon? Please help!

I tried to search there name Edison Park Associates online and came up with nothing. Did the EPA Group came up nothing also. The thing that kindda put a red flag was that I told him I will send them a money order as a form of payment but they wont accept it. They said to send it to Moneygram... please help!

They said if i cant pay them the down payment then they will go ahead and file a lawsuit. First they said that I owe $2,924.00 and I have no idea how it gone up that much. Then they said that if I go to court it will go up to $7,000.00

What should i do? i really dont have the money to pay for it. My husband\'s SSI Disability check is our only income which is not much at all considering we have 2 young kids.

Does the so called EPA for real? please help!

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I can't speak on anyone else's experience with this company, just my own. I owed a little over $1000 on an HSBC Household card (HSBC was purchased by Capital One), it was nearly out of the statute of limitations but not yet. I requested a bill of sale as well as a validation of the debt, once I got that information I was willing to consider what they had to say. I dont mind taking care of what I'm respsonsible for, so settling for $600 was not such a big deal to me. I kept the proof of payment and a settlement letter faxed to me.

I am dealing with the suposed "EPA Group" right now regarding a debt from 2008 (past the statute of limitations in my state by the way).  They threatened to garnish 25% of my wages from each paycheck and put a lien on my prorerty unless I paid them a fixed dollar amount that they came up with by 8pm that evening (illegal). They have told me twice now to be home at a certain time as I was going to receive papers to appear in court.  I took the time out of work and no one came at the two separate designated times.  After looking into this Group a bit more I called back to ask some questions.  All I got was the run around.  No answer as to why I was not served papers and the reply too bad for me that I took time out of work to wait around for these "papers" to be delivered.  They have contacted a family member several times to try and collect money on this debt (illegal).  The website consumerfraudreporting (.org) has some VERY useful information if anyone is going through this same ordeal.  I normally do not post on these chat boards, but if it will help someone from being sucked in by these people I am all for it!!  Do NOT give them a penny no matter what they promise or send you in writing!!!!!!!

I'm dealing with them right now and I'm going to close my acct so thy cannot take the payment I agreed too. I have already made one payment and no they will only give me an acct number of a credit card from years ago and I mean years and years. I think they r scamming me too. They called my work saying they would serve me papers. If they do it again, I will say go for it! Frigging scam artists!

I live in South Carolina and keep getting blocked calls which I don't answer. They leave a message stating they have time sensitive documents and if I don't return the call they will have employment verification. They at first give my current address but now they are giving an address that I haven't lived at for 10 years

So, how do i make sure they stop calling, don't call my family members, don't call my employers, or call my coworkers?

Time for "Indiana" to chime in on "EPA Group!"  I have received numerous calls from these scumbags over the last month.  They have all sorts of information they have obviously obtained from a public records search.  They have birthdays, old addresses and cell numbers of family members...etc.  All of the previous bloggers are correct.  Do not give this company anything.  I was sued many years ago for some outstanding debt.  You will receive legal and legit notice in the mail.  You will also receive a legit docket number and summons that you can call to verfify.  Anyone being harrassed by this company should try to verify the bogus case number they give you over the phone.  Have no fear!   

Sounds like Mr. I NEED TO KNOW THIS ASAP from above is part of the scam and doing is PR work to fool everyone. Nothing legit about this, PERIOD!!! Nice try though.  You are scum of the earth!!!

I've read alot of complaints and horror stories about this "EPA Group" or "Edison & Park Associates", but none of your guys tell us the ONE thing that we're so scared about:

"Did they ever really send out a summon (court order) to anyone here?"   (I NEED TO KNOW THIS ASAP).

I requested Debt Validation & they were able to provide that.  My debt was bought over & over until it got to them (They sent me the debt's "Bill of Sale").  I think they're a legit collection company (though they always refered to themselves as "active litigation firm") & violated every collection rules.

However, they're legit & can sue you.  And my question remains the same:

"Did they ever really send out a summon (court order) to anyone here?"   (I NEED TO KNOW THIS ASAP).

If indeed they did, then I'd bite the bullet & try to negotiate a small payment with them. ("Small" comparing to their requested amount).   But if not, then I'd gut it out & go to court to defend my case (base on the evidence that they give me so far, I guess I can only use ILLEGAL collection practices to defend.)

So anyone with a "COMPLETE" history with them please shred some lights into this.  I don't want to read another "they are a scam this, scam that" but never explain the "HAPPENINGS" and "RESULT" of your dealings with them.

Thank you!  I personally will update my "FINAL RESULT" with them in details later to help the future victims.

I've been getting calls on my cell phone from "unknown" for awhile, I never answer them.  Yesterday my kids got calls on their cell phones from "unknown" and my oldest (age 17) answered it.  They told him they were from the Arizona Legal Department and wanted to know if I would be home in the morning between 8 & 9 so they could serve me papers.  He told them he didn't know.  Then they asked if there was a place of employment or if I would be able to reschedule and again he told them he didn't know.  They gave him this phone number and a supposed case number saying I should call them to find out if it's a civil or criminal case.

Firstly, the fact that this company somehow obtained my childrens cell phone numbers has me perplexed and angry.  Not so hard to find MY cell number since it's my primary number for everything.  But how in the hell did they tie my KIDS' cell phone numbers to mine?  

Secondly, while this may be a bad debt collection it most certainly isn't a criminal matter.  Scare tactic? Pretty sure. Yes I have some bad debt, I'm a single parent who lost my job of 15 years and was unemployed for a good deal of time.  I'm barely making ends meet.  But I'm pretty sure I don't have any outstanding debt of an amount that would make it even close to worthwhile cost-wise to go to court.

I worked for a credit bureau for many years and this type of misrepresentation is the lowest level collections, the bottom feeders.  They're the ones that go after things that are about to be charged off or have just about run out of time to be recoverable by law.

I will be answering their call the next time it comes through on my phone then promptly file a complaint with the FTC with any information I am able to obtain from them (which unfortunately doesn't look like I'll get much from what I'm reading here).  I would suggest others do the same.  The more complaints filed against this number/company with the FTC the better.


2910 South Archibald Avenue #A270
Ontario, CA 91761

(909) 456-1879


in California is the EPA GROUP. This business aparently was open a couple years ago and with 4 employees. they call themselves a litigation agency and not a collection agency.


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