Improper validation letter sent by Allied Interstate

I am just frustrated with Allied Interstate. I have asking them to validate a debt for the last 2 months. I don’t owe the debt. After repeated requests, they have sent a letter. This letter is the copy of the first letter which was sent to me by Allied Interstate. The letter mainly asks me to pay the money. It is not a proper validation letter. I am not dumb. What should I do now? What are the steps that I must follow?

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You should file a complaint with the state regulators in the State in which you reside.  If your state does not regulate collection agencies, then file it with the Department of Commerce in MN.  They will get the validation for you.  However as a side note, when you dispute the debt do not just say that you dispute the debt  - explain why you believe it is not your debt - that extra bit of information can usually make these things go away.

Also, as long as Allied is not continuing to attempt collection of the debt they are not violating the FDCPA - once you dispute the debt in writing, they must cease collection efforts until they have provided you with validation.

You should send them the debt validation follow up letter to them. This time, if they don't validate the debt, send a Cease and Desist letter to them. You can use this sample letter which I found in this site mate.

Yes, I have sent the validation letter in writing to the CA. It is a credit card debt. 

Have YOU sent them a validation letter IN WRITING???  What type of debt are they collecting?

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