I\'m being sued by Palisades Collection LLC and I need to know what do to!

I\'m 27 and the only credit card I\'ve ever had was from a joint account years and years ago with my mother. We owned a small record label that went under and I was very young at the time but the debt was never paid. Unfortunately my name was on the account so this might be where they found my name from! The problem is...we called the number and they tried to push me to pay off the money but wouldn\'t really tell me what the debt was from! They say I owe $8231.12 but I still have no idea what this debt is from. It doesn\'t state it anywhere on the papers that I have here. The papers were not even served to me myself, they were given to my younger sister under the pretense that it was \"a special delivery\" for Christmas. I have never heard of Palisades, I\'ve never received a letter or a phone call from them prior to this. I\'m honestly in the dark about what this is about. I\'ve read a lot of things online about how this company is not legit, is a scam, etc. The last line on the papers reads \"This is an attempt to collect a consumer debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This Communication is from a debt collector.\"

So what do i do now? I\'ve been told I should answer and they might just go away but I\'m clueless about this. I\'ve tried to research this online but I get confused reading through all of the directions and I still need a little guidance. What form should I fill out to answer? Where should i go to get it? What comes next? Any help AT ALL would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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total dead beats they will hound you non stop. get yourself a lawyer

My suggestion to you is to get an attorney when dealing with these people. I was sued and was not aware of the court date and a default judgment was entered against me in 2008. When I found out about this months ago I made contact and I was referred to their attorney and next thing you know I had a court date in Houston although the judgment was obtained where I live in San Antonio.  This was concerning an AT&T cell phone which did not belong to me and all they provided to show "proof " was a sheet of paper with an account number, my name and ssn. No contract provided. It seems they filed the suit 4yrs past the statute of limitations in Texas for cell debt but since I wasnt in court to argue that point the judge found in their favor. I have been ordered as of Tuesday to handover my w2s,bank statements,retirment plan information, debt information,etc for the last 3 years with in 5 days as they have now appointed a receiver to find assets that they can take. After researching online these people are bad news and I do not recommend you dealing with them on your own. Good luck!

I went through the run around with Palisades too, claiming that I owed money in 2011 on a mortgage that was paid off when a home was sold in 2002.  I tried the validate letter (which didn't actually result in them providing legal validation, just a copy of the original mortgage application from 1995), I tried a cease and desist letter which they responded to with another validation letter. And so on...


The solution?  I wrote a complaint to both the New Jersey Better Business Bureau AND my State's Attorney General's Office with my certified proof from the county courthouse that the bank had indeed been paid off long, long ago and there was no debt in the first place.  Within TWO weeks of getting contacted by BBB and the AG office, Palisades  "closed the account" and were never heard from again.


Good Luck!

This company is a pita. How many years has it been? You stated you were very young. Most likely this debt is out of SOL. Which means they are SOL too.  Never deal with this company in any way , shape , or form. I know for a fact that almost 12 years later after something was taken care of these low lifes purchased a so called "debt" (I say so called because it was already taken care of with the correct people , which in turn validated this should not be a debt). and they are going to harass you, threaten you. They have so many violations against them. You can contact the FDCPA and complain but this company either lays low when they get complaints or the FDCPA doesn't care about these scumbags. EIther way most likely the SOL has run out and they bought an "old" debt. DO not deal with them, do not admit to any debt, and send them a cease letter. They will not provide you with anything. And they will continue to harass you. At least with the letter you can contact an attorney who deals with scum like this and they have to pay you.

My previous poster is right. You should ask them to validate the debt in writing. If they don’t give you any valid proof, then forward them a Cease and Desist letter. Have a look at this page to gather knowledge about Palisades Collection LLC:

I think you should send a written mail to them asking them to validate the debt. You will be liable for paying it off when they will be able to validate the debt.

If the credit card was isssued to you and your were 18, you are liable for the debt. If your Mother will not,or can not pay; they will pursue you for payment. Which leads to garnishment or a lien on any real property you have.

Good Luck

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