I\'m a college student with a debt

Ok, so I\'ve finally decided to do something about it.

I am 23 years old and attending temple university in Philadelphia.

6 months ago, my girlfriend died of a car accident and ever since, I developed a habit of purchasing and a bad habit. (My bad habits are gone now)

Long story short, it\'s been 6 months since I couldn\'t pay anything. (Chase bank) I have about $15000 in debt as of now. With 32% apr.

I am currently unemployed right now due to stuck in school. (Taking off is not a option for me) I am brought up from a very strict family and our family is struggling to get by each day due to my father\'s illness and unemployed as well. So it\'s just my mom and my sister who is supporting the family right now.

I don\'t know what to do. I have emergency fund of $2500 and I am willing to settle for anything I can afford right now.

Also recently, I got a letter from a agency stating that they want a letter from me stating I have paid off my debt. But simply, I am a broke college student who is unemployed at the moment.

Its been six months since then and I don\'t know what to do.

Only thing in my mind is suicidal thoughts but I know my life is precious. Please help me!

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