I recently had a debt that I owe to an apartment c

I recently had a debt that I owe to an apartment complex. Its a long story.

Regardless, the apartment company sent my debt to a collection agency. The amount of the debt was originally 505$ which is the amount of the deposit I owed them for breaking the lease. They then tried to tack on 2 months worth of rent on top of that for a total of $1,400 which I refused because I had signed out of my lease and handed in my keys the day I left the apartment.

Regardless, The collection agency phoned me and I first asked them to send me an itemized bill showing exactly line for line what I owe and the total amount. I never received this.

I then got a letter in the mail stating I owe them $505 which was the amount for the deposit and I am guessing because they didn't detail what that amount was. They also sent me a second letter for $900 but there was no explenation of what that amount was.

I ignored the $900 as they didn't specify why that was even being asked. I then sent them a letter stating that I again want an itemized bill showing the details of the amount. I also said I would pay them $20 per month which is all I can afford at the moment until the $505 is paid off and with the letter I gave them a check for 20$ and put on there "1st payment to ( collection agency ) ".

The agency called me and told me the amount was not enough and that they were not cashing the check since they said it would constitute an agreement of the payment plan. 1 week later they cashed the check as confirmed by my bank account. I took this as an agreement of payment by them so I sent them a second check which they also cashed.

They then wrote me a letter in the mail saying if I didn't pay the full amount they would file suit against me. In response to that I wrote them another letter certified return receipt reminding them that by cashing the check constituted an acceptance on their part of an agreement to pay 20$ per month until the debt is paid off of $505. In that letter I asked them again to send me a detailed bill showing an explenation of the amount. I also wanted them to send me a statement showing the amount they cashed taken off of the original amount.

My question is by them cashing the check after receiving the letter. Does that constitute an agreement between me and the collection agency? What legal standing do I have on that?

I am going to continue to send them payments keeping a record of everything and I have heard this before that by them cashing the check they are locked into the agreement. But I don't know the legal backing for it.

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