I have over 80,000 in debt since Je 2010 - I have

I have over 80,000 in debt since Je 2010 - I have advised collectors as well as original banks that this occurred due to Bipolar Disorder which I did not even know I had until I started going on wild spending sprees - I also blame the banks - the highest salary I ever earned (with overtime) was 40,000 yet I was extended over 125,000 in credit. The only credit card that is being paid is my amex card and that is being paid by my spouse only because he is listed as auth user and we have frequent flier miles on it that we will need for a funeral...........these people call from numbers that do not even exist - is there anything you can attach to your phone to bounce them back as my husband does not want to change the phone number...........I personally have nothing, live in Fl so they cannot take my house plus spouse is not on any of the cr cards they are callilng about although northstar collections asked for him to try to get him to pay it..........

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