I have been getting calls from this CBE Group

I have been getting calls from this group on both my private home phone number as well as my cell phone number! I asked them what kind of company they are, they refused to tell me, This lady was very rude to me, I do NOT have anything that would be in collections, so I have no idea why they are calling me, I had to look this group up on the internet to find out what kind of company they are. How do you I get them to stop calling me? I already told them to take my name off of their calling list, she said they do not have calling lists that they use, I told them that I am on a do not call list and that I am reporting them, she said they had no lists and just proceeded to ak me my personal information like Social Security number and so on, I told her I would NOT tell her any personal information unless she told me what kind of company this is, she just kept repeating she was from the CBE Group, but would not tell me what kind of company it is. Can anyone HELP me? I don\'t have ANY debts that are not paid....no collections anything!!

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Ok everyone here is exactly how to deal with things like this when they call you. Keep in mind this only applies when they call you.

By law any collection agency MUST tell you they are a collection agency and they are calling about a debt. Furthermore they are required by law to divulge all the following.

Who they are(Meaning the company)
Who they represent (Meaning which business they are calling on behalf of)
How old the debt is
How the company they represent acquired the debt (Was it bought or is it the original company)

There is no discussion regarding that information they are 100% required by law to tell you that when you ask. If they refuse then it's either not legit, or if it is legit, they can get into some serious legal issues.

They called me asking for one of 2 names, and then tried circle jerking the conversation which I refused to let them do and gave them an ultimatum, they either give me all the information they're legally required to give me by law, or stop calling this number.
Here is the basic way the conversation went

I told them, you do not get to call here, then not explain who you are when asked, then say we can't identify ourselves until I verify if who they're asking about is around. I said that isn't how this works. I said "You need to tell me why you're calling" only then will I verify if who you are looking for is even here or if you're even calling the correct number. You're legally obligated to verbally tell me or you can stop calling. So when you can tell me who you are and the exact nature of your call, I will then tell you what you want to know.

They cannot call you, ask for names, then pull the, we need to verify information before we tell you why we called.

DON'T give them ANY information. Don't even acknowledge anything they say. If there is a debt that they think is yours (doesn't really have to be) they will use that acknowledgement of their call to start the clock ticking on the collections effort. It could be a debt from years ago that you knew nothing about, and is past the point of eligibility for collection, but acknowledging their call will start the period of eligibility for collection again and they will begin more aggressive measures to get money from you. Best not to even answer the phone.

they are still trying. haven't changed their approach. they just change the number if you block them. I answered once but nobody was there. Could just change your phone number and it will take them a while to find you.
I don't get many phone calls so they are easy to identify.

the reason they dont tell u they are a collections agency is because that is third party disclosure... they will never mention collections until u verify!!! ann is right sometimes u have nothing in collections but it may be fraud...when they ask u the info verify and see whats going on. 

if you verify your information cbe will tell u who they are and y they are calling u ...sometimes  u may not have anything in collections it might be fraud...just verify what they ask...they already have ur info so just see whats going on and verify the info

I get robo calls from this outfit that begin "Please hold the line for...."

Their robit calls me and puts me on hold?

Of course I hang up so I have no idea what it's about and don't care. 

I had that experience also, but I blocked the number so I don,t get calls from them anymore.

If you have a andriod phone you can get a call blocking app for free, so that you can block any numbers that you choose.

If you have verizon or t-mobile home phone you can block there number through the system.

next time they call you tell them to shut the fuck up and hang up or your calling the police. If they keep calling you after you say to stop, isn't that harr'ass'ment? :D

They are a collection agency. You can get more information about them from the following url:


Send a Cease and Desist letter to them.

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