I got a call fro GC services about an outstanding

I got a call fro GC services about an outstanding debt. I want to pay my debts but the guy wanted info about my income, job, bank acct etc. and tried to lock me into an unreasonable payment amount. what can I do??

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I was in the same boat. I was leary about them, but they literally changed my life. They are awesome!!!

I was very leery of GC Services and I really didn't want to give my checking information for payments...but I checked them out with SallieMae and USA Funds and they are for real.

I am five on time payments into the rehabilitation program and the IRS just took my name off the tax offset list...and in seven payments I get back my Title IV so that I can return for my master's if I choose to.

I totally understand your fears...but failing to address this and letting it spin out of control is only going to get you into big trouble.  

I promise you that GC is for real and if you want proof...contact me on FaceBook and I'll upload the IRS form that I just recieved letting me know that I can finally file my 2011 taxes and actually get my refund:-)


What type of debt are they collecting on?  GC services are big players in the student loan industry....if it is a student loan, ignore everything everyone else has said.  It is a completely different ballgame.

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I guess the repayment amount wouldn't have been so unreasonable if you could show them through your actual financial situation. I'd agree that it's better not to share your banking information over the phone. At the same time, if you'd like to go through more information about G C Services, you may read through the following page - http://www.debtconsolidationcare.com/gcservices.html

Yes, you should never reveal your confidential information to them. They may misuse it for their own financial benefit. If you are not able to reach to an agreement with them, then you can get help from a debt relief company regarding this issue. They will negotiate with the collection agency and help you repay your debts comfortably.

You should never give out any kind of personal information to anybody.  Otherwise, you will see a totally empty bank account. If you think that this debt is a valid one, try to negotiate an affordable payment plan with the company. However, if you are unsure about this debt, first check from your credit reports. Find out if there is any such debt and if the collection agency is listed there on your credit report. Try to validate the debt and then think about the payment.

You shouldn't give them the personal details, especially your bank account details. If you do so, they may start debiting money from your bank account. I will suggest you to negotiate with them so that you get an affordable payment plan to pay off the debt. You can send them check payments in order to clear off the debts.

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