Hello, it seems that you are very well informed ab

Hello, it seems that you are very well informed about junk debt collectors, and i was wondering if you could help me out. I have an account that i sent a validation and cease and dessist, i gave them well over 30 days to validate with a copy of the original creditor agreement with my signature on it, and they did not comply., after the 30 days, i sent them a second registered letter requesting they delete themeselves from my credit reports, and instead of deleting themeselves, they replied with yet another letter to me telling me that they are going to investigate and that they will contact me, and if they fail to contact me, they will put my account back as active.

so, in short, they did not comply, and not THEY are disputing ME, and they did not delete...

what do you think i should do next? please help me, i feel so overwhelmed and harraassed :( thank you so much :)

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