Hello - Sorry if this is already answered somewher

Hello - Sorry if this is already answered somewhere. If it is, feel free to point me in the right direction. If not, any help is greatly appreciated.
Today, I received a notice from Medicredit, Inc. on behalf of one of our doctors for an unpaid office visit.
The claim fell through the cracks when my insurance with my employer ended and we went briefly on COBRA.
I requested the insurance company to re-process the claim today. They had done this for several others over the summer, but I missed requesting this one.

Q1: When the insurance company processes the claim, will the Doctor be paid? If so, will they make Medicredit aware and everything will be in synch?
Q2: Should I pay the doctor directly now and ignore the Medicredit letter?
Q3: Should I pay Medicredit and ask the insurance company to reimburse me?

I am desperate to keep our credit intact and scores high. PLEASE let me know immediate steps to help do so.

Thank you so much!
- Liz

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