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This man can only be defined as a PREDATOR and his staff follows the same pattern.
Why did he go to law school ending up buying debts and then collecting them for his own benefit? I believe it is because he does NOT have ethics or morals that he can abide by.... Or maybe he does not have the brains to practice law depicting a good character. He was born malevolent and does not care not even about his own blood: if he can sell his family members to make some money, he will!

Your experience with Ed Overcash is unfortunate. What precipitated the need to interact with his firm? Hoping you are not a debtor receiving free goods and services as a result of not paying your legal and moral obligations.

Ed Overecash is a thief. He will receive what is his. Never borrowed anything from him. I or he will die before he gets a dime from my family. He has forfeited his right to live. Dare him to meet me face to face. He is scum.

I am CERTAIN they knowingly and regularly violate laws and regs. If they harass you by phone then tell them they can no longer call you and all correspondence must be by mail. By regulation they cannot call you back if you do that. If you feel you have been violated by the firm contact its client for whom they are collecting, Square Two Financial, in CO. I know some former employees of the firm and from what I am told all the complaints I see above are common place.

I have recently received phone calls from this company. The gentleman I speak to seems nice, but the conversations are always alarming. The company refuses to send hard copies of the debt they say I owe. Also, the "consultant" that I spoke to keeps "offering" to set up a payment plan for me and that I should give him my banking info. Seems like a scam to me.

They told me to send a letter to their address requesting they cease and desist further collection activity. 37 Villa Rd, Ste 507, Greenville, SC 29615

This man his terrible. Everyone in the office is hatful an rude. They are not am agency approved by the BBB so that did me not good. I also tried Commission company. I agree to all you people out there that say pay your bills.. but the original debt waws $4500.00 and i offered that , th balance is now $7100.00 because of interest and fees. My ex husband doesnt pay child support and they will not stettle for ONE PENNY less than the balance, they are hateful rude people and I believe in carma......soooooo

Ed Overcash is not the owner and not responsible for day to day activity. Ed is the one attorney the company owned by Joe Whitney must have on staff when claims go to court. The policies, techniques, and violations are the owners responsibility but that is not Ed. Ed is a salaried employee. Joe Whitney controls the business and is the owner. Joshua Bishop is the number 2 guy who also is responsible for the ethics of the firm and staying within Regulatons. Ed does not control day to day collections. That is Joe Whitney and Joshua Bishop. Ed is just the staff lawyer

Well ed overcash started calling me last month about a wells fargo that cach bought.   I offered 2500 to settle and they were like no that is too long.  The lowest they would go was 2900 and they wanted that all at once...that was last month.  They called me on Friday all nice and saying that I could pay them the 2500 first and two payments of 200 and I was like well what has changed all before they were like no we cant do that.  The sent me the settlement letter through e-mail but I cant agree to it because they want me bank acct infor which I am not willing to give them.  I told them I would send the money through cashier check or m.o. the girl was like it is nothing personal that is how they do things.  I told them I would call them back and let them know what I decide she was like she needed to know something by monday cause she was so surprised that it was still in their office.  I live in NC btw but it just interesting how in about a weeks time their tone has changed about what they are willing to settle for.  So I dont know how this is going to play out cause I cant give out my banking acct info to thtem....so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ed Overcash's office has been blowing up my phone and three of my daughters' phones.  One of my daughters has a credit card balance she has not been unable to pay due to husband stopping payment of child support and also due to slowdown in home sales due to the economy.  I don't know why they think threats and hateful speak can help you come up with money you don't have.  I am sick of the harrassment... these people call almost daily and harrass everybody under the sun!  They even call my daughter's business phone which I do not believe is illegal.  I have suggested she contact the better business bureau and the FTC and file complaints with both.  This firm reminds me of a nasty loan shark... just waiting for them to threaten to break her legs.  How can paraiah's such as this be allowed to do business in this county?


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