Gridlock with Debt Agency

Last fall, we tried unsuccessfully to negotiate what we felt was unfair fees from our previous apt. complex. It has since been passed on to a debt collector. We have now sent two letters via certified mail (the first within 30 days), asking for a response to our efforts of a settlement, to no avail. We cannot get any sort of useful response from the agency. I refuse/am fearful to give them bank info over the phone, as all things Ive read about the agency say they wont honor paid debts, provide proof of paid debts, and often charge the debt amount multiple times. I want to resolve this, but don't want to make the situation worse. I don't know where to go from here.

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Don't share your bank details with them. Never confirm such personal information with any debt collector over the phone. Social Security number, banking information, and other personal details can be collected and used to steal your identity.

What you can do is Keep a file with notes from phone conversations and copies of all written correspondence to and from the collector.

It's Tiara

They might be fake collectors. Ask the caller to send you a written "validation letter" first.

Also, don't leak your bank information over the phone.

Don't give any bank information. Don't pay a penny since the collection agency has not validated the debt. Send a C&D letter.

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