Good Morning: I was sued by Allen Adkins for a

Good Morning:

I was sued by Allen Adkins for a CC debt of about $1700.00. I answered the summons and now have been required to appear at an Oral Hearing in Oct. in front of a judge. I am so nervous I can't sleep. Would you have ANY advice as to what paperwork or not...... I should bring with me or how I should plead my case??? I took a huge pay cut at work and I had that Shell Gas card for years.... they went from 7.65% interest to 29.99% and would not negotiate a better rate at all. I was NEVER late, had the card for 13 years. After my pay cut I had to pick and choose what to pay for and what to let go. I was paying $25/month but that didn't even cover the interest.

Thanks for ANY help or advice.

Single Mom

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Allen Adkins will settle for about half of what is owed. Any chance you can come up with that? If you're able to do so, you can avoid appearing in court. But, be sure that Allen Adkins' office takes the necessary steps to have this lawsuit dismissed. Good luck!

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