Anyone dealing with liaisons office for CCR and associates?

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i got the call from them today girl named ashley asked if iwould be home tomarrow to receive the paper work they have documents to serve me i said yes then 1 hour latter my brother called and said someone called his wife to find me. First ive never had her number to give anyone and second i never use a referance person on any thing because i always pay cash so i really hope someone shows up they got a surprise in store for them

I received several of these calls and I requested proof of Debt. Not a computer print out - I instructed them to cease and desist all phone calls to my home- if they violated my instructions I would complain to Feds .
Claiming they are violating Fair Debt Collection Act.
My first clue they were scams was when they said I owed a Pay-Day Loan Company.
I never took out a payday loan

Just got a call on my phone for my son stating they are filing multiple violations and there is service of summons pending and he better call by 7pm tonight. LMAO. I work for a law firm idiot!

I had a call today from an unavailable number. This person had called my sister and asked for me and she didn't give n them my cell number but they ended up finding out somehow as they called me 5 min after asking her how to get ahold if me. She said her name was Gloria Clark and they had someone coming to my home to serve me papers for court for a payday loan. I asked her what it was about as the number that was left on my voice mail was 1-866-680-8956 . She proceeded to tell me if I was gonna be a smart ass n then hung up. Makes no sence. So I called the company they said it was thru no record in there dept. She proceeded to tell me they can only except debit or credit cards only over the phone. I asked if they take money orders and she told me no. I went to my local police station and they are aware of this scam going around. Be aware everyone.

Call from 866-831-6900 came at 1: 12 am, Jan 12, 2014. No messsage.

So is this fraud or a scam? Has a anyone been delivered the things they said they were going to do? Did anyone get an attorney? has anyone gone to court? Or can I relax now?

Just got the same phone call, and it freaked me out.  I asked her the name of the court that would be giving me the summunce, and she did come up with the correct county, but I find it very fishy they are giving everyone the same, "you have two hours before you get served," line.  I asked why I haven't seen or heard anything in the last 10 years regarding this and she just replied, "I don't know."  I'm supposed to be calling back with my account information to pay-off the debt, but I'm thinking they need to "serve" me and I'll go from there.  I asked her what the name of the company she worked for was, and she assured me they are not a collection dept., but a law office.  I'm thinking they use this fear tactic pretty often....almost worked on me. 

They are a fraud. The same woman has called me from a blocked number, an Atlanta number and now a unavailable number. They had gotten information for my husband's mother and caller her and said that we have a payday loan and they were taking us to court. They have my maiden name which I haven't went by in years and they've tried several times to bully me into giving them information. After I went off and told them that I reversed searched the Atlanta number and it's a cell phone they hung up. Then a few days passed and they've called from a different number. Do not give them any info, hang up on them. 

I just got a call from CCR Associates, a John Lewis. Said I owe ACE cash express from a loan I took in 2005 using a Wells Fargo check as collateral. I'm freaking because I've never had a Wells Fargo account and I've never taken a loan from ACE. Well, they threatened me from their liason's office with court and possible arrest. My attorney said its BS. He suggested that since they have my SS#, address, and DOB, I better get Life Lock ASAP.  So, I just got Life Lock.

I got a similar call with the exception they said a claim had been filed with my name and social security number and that they were going to serve me papers at either my work or at home and for me to contact them at 866-831-8295 and gave me a ref number!!! I am stressed out about this, has anyone else had them throw in that they have your social?


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