what is HSBC Rhode on a credit report?

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HSBC is a nation-wide credit granting entity that backs such things as department store credit cards, gas cards, mortgages, and many other things.  In my experience as a consumer collections specialist, I saw mostly consumer credit cards like BestBuy and the like; however, we also dealt with them on auto loans and purchased debt as well.  Having said this, a quick Google search seems to show that HSBC Rhode may specifically be a furniture outlet that uses HSBC as its in-house financier.  In general, at the bottom of your credit report, there should be a section labelled something like "creditor contact info" that should be labeled exactly or at least similarly to the credit line that will give you at very least a phone number but may also give an address for contacting the creditor to get some further information.  If there are numerous accounts that you are not familiar with on your credit, I suggest carving out a day or so of during-the-week business hours to call every creditor that is questionable.

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