Should I wait another 1.5 years to raise my credit score?

I have a collection account on my credit report. The account is with LVNV collection agency. The account is supposed to drop from my credit report by the end of 2015. Should I wait till 2015? I need to pull up my credit score soon to buy a home.

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ditchdebt even if the item is past SOL that doesn't mean it can be deleted.if an item is being reported accurately even if it is past SOL it LVNV is a JDB,and part of a the sherman i would look into whether this entry in particular is accruate.if not dispute it not contact LVNV as they will hound you.if the entry is not accurate then dispute it,but if it is then tread cautiously as again LVNV is a JDB bottomfeeder that doesn't play by the rules.

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I know it's a pain to wait for 1.5 years. However, I would suggest you to focus on the inaccurate negative items on your credit report. Try to delete them as soon as possible. Look at the items that have crossed the SOL period.

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