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Recently while reading my credit report, I saw judgment listed. My score has gone down badly. I have not received any collection call lately. I have not received any notice from the court, I am very sure of that. The funniest part is my credit report does not show which court passed the judgment. I am planning to buy a house very soon. I don't know whom to contact. Please help.

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What is your present credit score? It will be tough to remove judgment from your credit report. If you were not properly served, then you can appeal to the court for vacating the judgment. Then you can think about removing it from the credit report. 

Check your county court docket immediately to know whether or not any case has been filed against you. If not, dispute it with the credit bureaus.

Yes, its true that you wont qualify for a morgage with a bad credit score. In this case, you can dispute the information as of now to get that negative item removed from your credit report. Till that time, be prepared to explain your situation properly to the mortgage lenders. 

Have you looked up the judgment on your local county courthouse website look up??


You will not be able to buy a house with this on your credit.

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Get copies of your credit report from the three credit bureaus and evaluate your credit score properly. If you find any negative impact on your credit report, ask the credit bureaus to rectify it. Maintain good credit score so that you can fulfill your dream of buying home.

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