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I do not recognize the RCS, but, CVF Consumer Acquisition Company is a Delaware corporation whose agent/mailing address is:

U.S. Bank Trust National Assn.

300 Delaware Avenue, 9th Floor

Wilmington, DE  19801

I just saw rcs/cvf consumer acquisition on my credit report today 6/20/12.  They claimed I opened this acct 8/2011, which is totally bogus!  Im not sure what to do, but i have disputed it with equifax.  Any suggestions? 

Same thing here. 8/11 $17,751.00!!!!! I have no idea what this is, but the phone number and 866-297-1485

The answer to who is RCS/CVF Consumer Acquisition Company is a wholly owned subsidary and the RCS stands for Resurgent Capital Services L.P is it's a wholly owned subsidary of Sherman Group of Compaies:

Sherman Financial Group LLC sole owner Mr. Benjamin Navarro

Anson Street LLC

Ascent Card Services II LLC

Ascent Card Service LLC

Ashley Funding Services LLC

Credit One Bank N.A. - largest credit card supplier of MasterCard/Visa Card in the United States

Credit One Financial Solutions LLC

Capital Management Services LP

Fieldstone Asset Management LLC

Granite Asset Management LLC

Limestone Asset Management LLC

LVNV Funding LLC


Resurgent Capital Services LP

Resurgent Capital Services PR LLC

Sherman Acquistion Limited Partership

Sherman Acuisition LLC

Sherman Acquistion II Limited Partership


Sherman Acquisition TA LP

Ventus Capital Services LP

most of the subsidiarys are located at 15 South Main Street

Suites 400/ 600/ 700 Greenville SC 29601 866-464-1187

cvf consumer acquisition  12700 whitewater drive, minnetonka, mn 55343

I have been working hard on clearing up my credit, just when I thought I had it cleared up this appeared, said I owed sprint, I called Sprint and they dont have me in there system at all, This dropped my credit score 100pts. Very upset!

what is a DV letter?


do you have a phone #

Thank you soooo much Jenn for your helpful link and suggestion.  I had been hit with the same type of matter that inculed 08/11 with no sources.  Anyways,  I took the action of submitting the complaint to SC and in process of submitting a certified letter to the office.


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