I entered into a hardship program with US Bank and

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US Bank was the last bank to offer a Hardship Program in which the process of being on a hardship program would stop all late, overlimit, interest fee's. They did this only because the Federal Goverment made them. I was there as a collector when the program came into effect. It was late 2004 early 2005 sometime.  It was to make every  dollor of payment / reduce you debt dollor for dollor. IE your payment reduced the principle instead of going to late fee's, overlimit fee's, interest on amount owed ect. The catch at that time was if you took the Hardship, you could never get on any other program, ever. So if you missed ?? payments and got kicked off , you were done..... all interest , and fee's would go back on the account and that was that. Now I never was able to " make the payment amount smaller" it was all done thru the computer...... US Banks 5 star this that and the other marketing junk was just that... great marketing. This Hardship program was not there idea, and they only did it because Uncle Sam made them. I assume they don't care , due to a situation that comes up with the " missed payments " part of the Hardship... I came  up with a solution, told my boss who told his boss, and nothing ever came of it. I asked about it talked to the " big boss " and got some lecture on how difficult this Solution was. They dont care..... is the bottom line.

hey needhelp,

how did you get approved for the hardship at US bank?  I tried and they rejected me and I have no idea why.. Not sure if my income was too low (compared with my debt and expenses) or it was too high.  Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.

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