How to remove a fraudulent account from credit report?

Chase is saying that my son opened a credit card account in 2009. My son was 16 years old back then. My son has never taken out a credit card from them. The account is on his credit report. My son has repeatedly requested them to delete the listing from his credit report. So, far they have done nothing. What can he do in this situation? Why did Chase open an account in the first place?

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The credit card company can't held your son accountable for an account which was not opened by him. Plus, he was a minor at that point of time. Ask the credit card company to show a copy of the application form to your son. You can report the matter to FTC if it is a fraudulent case.

Both of my previous posters are right. Do whatever they have said.

Call Chase and find out the details of the account. This seems to be a case of identity theft. You need to file a fraud complaint with the FTC and put an alert on your son's credit report. You need to first dispute the account with Chase and then with the CRAs.

You have to dispute this with all the 3 credit bureaus. Heres what you should be doing:
•    Gather all the credit report information that are wrong or you are unaware of.
•    Send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus describing everything with all the valid proofs.


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