How can I increase my credit score within a short span of time?

My credit score is very low. I have been making timely payments on the credit cards. Still my credit score is not increasing. How can I improve my credit score quickly? I need to increase my credit score by at least 100 points to qualify for a FHA mortgage loan. I have even paid off 2 payday loans recently. Please help.

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The best thing I've found HANDS DOWN! go to - 

My score was a 561. I had a 715 before getting devorced. I wont bore you with the details but I was paralyzed and completely devastated from that experience. Nothing was working fast enough. I tried pre-paid cards, paying everything off you name it. It just wasn't getting high enough to rejoin the world I was use to. So eventually I ran across a friend of a friend who referred me to this website and I said what the heck I'll try it and It really worked for me. In 60-90 days my score went right back into the 700's. I couldn't believe it. But I assure you its true. My ex-wife did a real doosie on my credit and I honestly thought life as I knew it was over... This really helped my self esteem and restored my confidence. Oh and they have money back guarantee. Honestly that's why I took a chance.

My life has completely changed! So the least I can do is share my story... Hope this helps.

Secured credit card is beneficial if you're planning to build positive credit history. Once you start paying off your bills on time, it'll be notified on your credit record and can be beneficial for rebuilding it.

There is nothing like a “quick solution” to improve credit score. With an already low credit score, it'll only become more time-consuming. You should check your credit report and see whether your payments are being reported properly or not. If there is any negative information on your credit report, then you should dispute that as soon as possible. This may help you to improve your credit score considerably.

Are you using any secured credit card? If no, you can use one as this helps you establish positive credit history. Pay off debt on your own.

It actually depends upon the condition of your credit report. Do you've too many negative items on your credit report right now? What about your debt-to-income ratio?

It will take some time to improve your credit score. Usually credit score improves gradually with time. Pay off your all outstanding debts asap. Keep adding positive information on your credit report.

Payday loans won't help you improve the score that much. Furthermore, you need to have patience as it takes to see any improvements in the score. It would be better to check your credit report first. Let us know if there are any queries regarding the debts on your credit report. That may help.

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