How can I boost my score gradually?

I am working in a small company. I am making a decent amount of money every month. I want to concentrate on my credit score now. I want to improve it slowly and steadily. How should I do it? Should I take out a credit card?

4 Answers

Yeah…you can take out a credit card to improve your credit score. If you have any outstanding debts, then try to pay it off asap. Add positive information on your credit report. This will help you to improve your credit score gradually with time.

The above answer holds true for you. Apart from that, you should pay all your monthly bills on time and avoid any new hard enquiries for a considerable amount of time. Moreover, dont close any old bank accounts.

How is you current score? Have you reviewed you credit report recently? You can possibly do more than just get a credit card to improve your credit score.

Yes, take out a secured credit card so that you can manage your payments and also establish positive credit history.

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