Debt, Social Security and New Mortgage.

We have 40K in unsecured debt, all accounts are 100% on-time payments for years, both of us work full time and make plenty to keep paying these accounts (we are just paying too much in interest), one of us will begin receiving Social Security 8/2019 and we would like to buy a home fall of 2019. What is the best program to get this paid off fast (debt management etc) without hurting our credit for the mortgage? Thank you

2 Answers

Call 800-DEBT-913 and get a free counseling session to know your options. The Financial Coach can tell you which option is the best one for you - settlement, consolidation or management. Settlement is the fastest way to get out of debt. Both of you work full time. It won't take a huge time to save money and settle your debts.

If you are worried about keeping your credit score intact, then I feel consolidation might work best for you. Try to repay the debts as fast as you can so that you can avoid paying the interest. When you repay debts in full, it might help you to increase your score, too.
However, if you enroll in a consolidation program, make sure you choose a reliable consolidation company.

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