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Hi, I paid a collection account about 5 years ago. But it still show on my credit report. What I want to know is would it improve my score if I contact the creditor and request they remove it of my report.

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You said you have a similar situation. Contact them directly but honestly the best time to barter is before you hand them a payment. It is best to request in writing that they remove the item from your credit before you pay. It is really up to them to remove it from your credit. I used a Direct Consolidation Loan to pay off about 6 student loan leaders, but even though I paid them, It will remain on my credit almost 7 years. So basically, although I paid them off, it still looks like I have bad accounts. It sucks. lol. (The creditor decides what they want to do & thy seldom remove anything).

to travonne what is the falloff date?it should still be 7.5 yrs meaning there are two or less years until it falls off.btw you paid who?an assigned collector,the original creditor,or a 3rd party.that is inportant as a 3rd party will forget you existed after they get paid,and change the account to to both of long as the account is being reported correctly it will stay until the 7.5yr dropoff date.they are under no obligation to remove it once the account is should have sought a pay for delete when you's too late now sorry to say.

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First, did you pay the right creditor, or original creditor? A lot of Americans have been fooled into paying scavengers who don't really own the debts and that is why I asked. I have even been sued before by a scavenger who didn't own my debt. They just hope you never reply to the summons in order for them to get a default judgment. I answered the summons, they didn't reply, and the case was thrown out. Be careful, when you pay and always make sure you have proof that you paid. I know many other people pay their collections out of pure fear and the lack of knowledge, but I didnt because it remains on the credit report anyway & it is UP TO the creditor to take it off. Also, it's often bought by a junk buyer who attempts to get paid by instilling fear and making threats. You should have had the ORIGINAL creditor agree to that term before paying them. Did it say it was a charge off before? What type of debt was it? Honestly, even with proof of you paying it off it doesn't mean much because once it enters collections they decide if they want to remove it or not. Try disputing it on your credit report. Maybe, if you can prove you paid it, it will be removed by the agency.

I have a very similar situation but mine is only 3 hears old. And what can I do to request them to remove it?

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