Can my daughter get a credit card?

My daughter has taken out an auto loan. The loan amount is worth $50,000. She is unable to get a credit card due to this loan. My daughter has applied for several credit cards till date, but none of the credit card companies have accepted her request. She is planning to get a new credit card. However, she is afraid that if the credit card company rejects her request this time, then there will be another blotch on the credit report. She is not ready to accept that. What are her chances for obtaining a credit card?

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Your daughter can become the authorized user of your credit card. She should use it responsibly and make timely payments.

Can or should she??  DId she really need a $50K car??  I would work on paying that down before incurring more debt.

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What you can do is make your daughter the authorized user of your credit card. She can use the credit card. However, remember that you'll be responsible for the payments.

If she has applied for several different credit cards, I would tell her to hold off applying again.  The more times you have a hard inquiry on your credit report, it affects your credit score.  From what it sounds like she has had too many inquiries on her credit report and the odds of her getting an unsecure credit card are pretty much nill at this time.  Companies are getting a little stricter on credit cards.  If she feels she absolutly HAS TO HAVE a credit card, then maybe try a secure card, otherwise I would wait until she  has paid down the car.  Hope this helps a bit.  Someone with more knowlege then I may be able to offer you another solution.  Good luck

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