Citibank refusing to work with me - What can I do?

I owe around $5000 on a Citibank credit card. The interest rate on the card is around 20%. I can’t afford this card any more. This is why I requested them to close the account and cut back the rate. So far, I have been current on the card. But they refuse to work with me. They are more interested in dealing with a debt relief company directly. What should I do now?

1 Answers

In order to repay your debt, you may either set up a repayment plan with the creditor on your own, or else you may opt for a debt relief service. Till now they've refused to work with you as your offer didn't seem quite attractive for them. You may go for free debt counseling with a professional debt relief service. Remember, that you'll need to show your counselor through your actual financial situation. Once he gets a clear view of your current financial obligations, he'd be in a better position to guide you and provide you with the right plan (one that suits your current budget).

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