Can a 21 year old be forced to pay a bill that was from 7 years when she was a minor?

The cops picked her up at 14 lied to her told her her therapist was a benedict hospital when in fact she wasnt and now a bill of 700 is being billed to her. Is this legal?

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If a 14 year old, unemancipated minor was taken to a hospital, her parent(s) / legal guardian would be respondible for the bill, not the child.  Also, depending on the state in which you live, at 7 years old, this may be past the statute of limitations.

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Truly, you may need to contact an attorney regarding this. We may also look for more information and be able to assist you once we know which state you belong to.

Well, you have to check the state laws regarding this. The state laws regarding minors differ from state to state. You need to contact an attorney regarding this. 

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