How to travel on a budget?

My husband is planning for an international trip, I’ve a simple question, what to keep in mind while traveling internationally on a budget? I want to know how I can manage to save and travel on budget.

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You can plan an international trip on a budget if you keep some of the simple points in mind. Try to plan your trip during off times as it can help you save considerable amount of money. Make sure you book tickets on the right day for instance monday and tuesday. You can avail the international travel sales that runs during the first two days of the week. So, fly at the right time to save money. Make sure you carefully consider lodging option and book the rooms in advance to save considerable amount of money. You can check the website of the hotel to avail the online discount offers. You can manage to save considerable amount of money and can plan an international trip on a budget.  

I would say planning, research, and saving would be the best way.  Also if you have to change Amerian dollars into another countries, check into seeing what the exchange rate is.  Planning, saving and research is the key

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