Better budget ideas

Guide me for better budget ideas . pls

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I think I could write a book on the way people can budget, save and invest money. In fact, budgeting is one of the top topics at the FitMyMoney blog I write for.

Start small. Install an expense tracking app that will show how much you actually spend on things. When you see what part of the budget is lacking money, divide your expenditures into two categories, the Needs, and the Wants.

Don’t forget to include the Savings category into your budget. Start by putting away at least 10% of your income monthly. Never fail to cover credit card balance and never miss payments on loans, if you have any.

Separate your Needs from your Wants and you’ll do fine. If you’re not the type to buy cheaper things in order to save money, think of ways to earn extra cash and cover the “leaks” in your budget. Good luck.

Emily Morgan - writer & editor at - the place where your smart financial steps start.

Start your money saving quest from scratch. Reduce expenses on small things like TV subscription, cell phone plans, electricity bills, newspaper, toilet paper (of course buy in bulk to get the discount).
Try to bring food from home when you are out at work.

It's Tiara

Install a budgeting app to start. Cut down all unnecessary expenses. Make sure you adjust your budget time to time.

Track your expenses in a month to know where your money is going. When you're calculating your expenses, make sure you include both your necessary and luxury expenses. Eliminate your unnecessary expenses so that you can allocate that amount to necessary categories and save money for emergencies.

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