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I have about 20K cc debts, and I plan to file bankruptcy soon. Besides that, I also pay a student loan. I stopped paying my cc about 3 months ago, but I continue making monthly payments towards my student loan (just scared that they would garnish my paycheck if I stop).

My question is: will the fact that I am able to make payments towards my student loan affect the judge decision regarding my cc debt? Can this fact fail my case?

Thank you in advance.

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what SOAPLADY means is that once you file and list your student loans the lock box is your payments set but in a different account,and yes student loans can be done thru CH13 CH7 is next to impossible.

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SOAPLADY, thank you for the answer, but I am a little bit confused regarding this statement "no online payments or autodrafts will stop". Do you mean that I need to stop making payments towards the loan or the judge will order to stop payments? As far as I know, it is VERY difficult to get rid of students loans through bankruptcy. You need to have really solid reasons for that and stop making payments about 3 months before you file for bankruptcy.

paulmergel, it is a federal loan.

Your student loans HAVE to be listed on your bankruptcy and will go into a bankruptcy status. Your payments will go to what is called a lock online payments or autodrafts will stop. Making these payments will not affect the judges decision.

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since you really can't do BK on a student loan you should have no problem as long as you disclose full details of the student this a federal,or private loan?

giving hope to the hopeless,help to the helpless,and hap to the hapless.

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