Are there a good straigt forward debt settlement/c

Are there a good straigt forward debt settlement/consolidation company that won't take you to the cleaners>

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You would probably have to look 'debt Consolidation Companies' up on the web and compare them..ratings, which ones have complaints aqainst them, etc. If they're not registered on the BBB site, they are probably not legitimate. However,...there are some on the BBB site and still have bad ratings.

Yes, some of these debt relief companies are doing good, but not all of them. Make sure you check the accreditations and read through the testimonials of such companies before you pick anyone of them. I see a couple of links offered by my previous posters that can show you through some good resources. Remember, the real good ones don't usually charge any fees upfront.

There are many such debt settlement/consolidation companies. You can search in the internet or can ask your relatives, friends etc. for reference.

Yes, ther are lots of reliable debt relief companies across the nation. You can go through the following link to get some details about the reliable debt consolidation/settlement companies:

It is true that not all debt relief companies are good. Some of the debt relief companies turn out to be scammers. It will depend upon the consumer to shop around and do a bit of research before opting for a particular debt relief company. You can check out the given page in order to find out how you can find a good debt consolidation and settlement company:

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