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3 years ago, I was unemployed and just got out of the VA hospital from a kidney problem. I didn\'t have a place to live, so I called a person that I used to work with to see if I could stay with him. He allowed me to have a bedroom in his trailer till I could get back on my feet. There was no mention of rent or any sort of rental agreement. I ended up staying there for 8 months. Once I got a job, moved out and making some pretty good money, I paid him some cash to pay him for the generosity. Now he is saying that I owe him $500/month for the 8 months that I stayed there. Is this legit? Thank you.

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Did your friend actually demand this money in writing? Or is it just that he had a word with you over the phone.  If you two didn't sign a written agreement then your friend can't just force you to pay now. If you ever arrived at a verbal agreement with your friend, it will be difficult to prove that it ever existed.

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As there was no rental agreement between you and that person, you're not legally responsible to pay him anythng. If he is forcing you for payments, you can take legal actions against him.

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