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can you be sued for unpaid payday loans

can you be sued for unpaid payday loans

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I live in virginia and the online lender was net cash 123 are they licensed in virginia?


Indiana from plain green loans can they sue you let me know at

They are doing the same to me but I did not authorize it.

EZ Loan in Texas

EZ Loan in Texas

I took a pay day loan out about a month ago from hydra fund 1, I live in florida. They are calling me about suing me, can this happen?

You can be sued but keep in mind that they have to appear in court in your state.  Suppose you take a payday loan out from a company in Florida and you live in California they have to file the papers in California.  And if you answer any summons to appear in court they have to appear in court in California.

Payday lenders can sue you on unpaid dues if they are legal and licensed. Which is the payday lender you are talking about and which state are you in?

If your lenders are licensed in your state, then they can sue you because of non-payment of debt. But illegal lenders won’t be able to take any legal action against you.


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